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El contingut d'accés públic hi podrà tenir accés tothom.

Paolo Nutini


I was perched outside in the pouring rain
Trying to make myself a sail
Then I'll float to you my darlin'
With the evening on my tail
Although not the most honest means of travel
It gets me there nonetheless
I'm a heartless man at worst, babe
And a helpless one at best


Darling I'll bathe your skin
I'll even wash your clothes
Just give me some candy
Before I go


Oh, darling I'll kiss your eyes
And lay you down on your rug
Just give me some candy
After my hug


And I'm often fals explaining
But to her it plays out all the same
And although I'm left defeated
It get's held against my

Bones Festes

Una mica de música per a aquestes festes i els millors desitjos per a tothom.

The Killers - Don't Shoot Me Santa

Oh Santa
I've been waiting on you
That's funny kid
Because I've been coming for you
Oh Santa
I've been killing just for fun
Well the party's over kid
Because I
Because I got a bullet in my gun
A bullet in your what?

Santa's got a bullet in his gun
You know it, Santa's got a bullet in his gun

Don't shoot me Santa Claus
I've been a clean living boy
I promise you
Did every little thing you asked me to
I can't believe the things I'm going through

Don't shoot me Santa


Antony and The Johnsons

Un astrònom viatja a l'espai i... és la història que il·lustra la trista cançó d'antony.


Jethro Tull

e-week al Vit

El proper 7 de novembre tindrà lloc l’inici de la setmana digital a Vic.


Exposició: La Màgia de la Levitació

A càrrec de: Víctor Grau Torre-Marin.  Dr. en Ciències Físiques i professor a la UVIC. Director de PhysicS!

Lloc: Espai d’ Art i Creació “ Can Manyé ”, Alella
Dates: del 4 al 20 de novembre de 2011



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