Drupal brut










Modules Used

Over 100 modules were used. Here are some of the crucial ones we employed:

  • CCK
  • Views 2
  • Panels
  • Ubercart
  • Pathauto
  • Location / Gmap
  • Admin Menu
  • NAT
  • Webform
  • Menu Block
  • Boost
  • Nice Menus
  • Wysiwyg
  • Better Formats
  • ThemeKey

Custom Modules

Menu Taxonomy – Creates taxonomy tree structure based on the nodes menu placement

Dynamics Import – Imports data from Microsoft Dynamics and syncs Ubercart products

Dogfish Map – Powers the Fish Finder product map in conjunction with Location

Form Automation – Determines default values per node type if the user does not have permission to certain elements

Error – Provides better error reporting, assisted with dBug.php

CDN – Syncs local filesystem with Amazon S3 account and automates rewriting of file paths and URIs based on file existing in S3 or not and ensures file availability.

Map Views – Provides intelligent defaults for the Fish Finder map so the user does not have to perform a search before seeing the view result when they get to the page. Also provides a default result if no result is found, with a pop up notification. This prevents the map from going away if view result is 0.

Banner – Allows staff to upload images into a gallery, then embed that gallery into a block for placement. Cycles through images using cycle.js and can be clickable to a site or page.

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